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Down in Our Hearts EP

by Kenneth Minor

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I remember the day, I remember the lines Passing by between now and what we call back in time Six more months, six months gone, as predicted Now that you have been through hell, what else can make your bones shakin‘ But you‘ll be alright, at least, every once in a while, when he’s gone, you live on he lives on Down in our hearts where life takes place Down in our hearts, where lives are saved Just lately we were watching his blanket from the room next door where life was forced to go on While he was home, still in the poorest condition I’m sure that he felt our sincerest attention And he‘ll be alright, at least, for all of the time, he lives on, even now that he‘s gone Down in our hearts where life takes place Down in our hearts, where lives are saved And he‘ll be alright, at least, for all of the time, he lives on, even now that he‘s gone Not gone from our hearts though, we suffered a lot but not quite as much as he did yes he did we’ll keep him down in our hearts … where life takes place Down in our hearts, where lives are saved Down in our hearts where life takes place Down in our hearts, where lives are saved
As I am strolling down the hill Me and my nephew holding hands Behind there lies the daycare center Daily refuge, distracting friends On a sunny afternoon like this Man’s evil nature’s hardly missed No picture book could capture better What I would write you in a letter --- Well, on my way down that steep hill I keep myself from shedding tears I tell myself we will get over this Dark times will slowly disappear I let him run, jumpin‘ for joy’s sake Luckily kids can blank out shit He knows there’s something goin‘ on here What it is, seems hard to get ------------------------- is this the world we’re living in? if so, should I give in? Soon he will have to lose his father Though he will not be gone at all That boy will learn to say “farewell, dad“ And to pick up when heaven calls The soft wind‘s blowing through the tree tops we stroll along the park meadow And from somewhere in far distance The ice cream van bell starts a song ---------------------------is this the world we’re living in ? if so, should I give in? I say, my dear, we should get going If you’re up for one or two Scoops of your favorite ice cream flavor „Chocolate!“, he answers straight and strong Some short time later there we are, in line with those young and hungry eyes all future worries seem forgotten when chocolate moments do arrive ----------------------------is this the world we’re living in? if so, I won’t give in! now let us pray for those sweet moments let us pray for the time we have well these sweet moments keep us going from here to there to what’s beyond this story has no perfect ending this story’s not perfect at all but there’s a turning point as always lighting up the path we’re on
What more can a poor man take? Can you take more because you’re rich? It’s about enough now, I would say Things dissuade me from gettin‘ away My sister lost her only love To somebody way above from what we know You must admit, a tiny little bit of us right here could be anywhere cause anytime, you might be mine, you might be gone, or in a song Now he’s in heaven or on mars He could pick the planet of his choice Another milestone has been reached Let’s take a rest before we leave New air for us to breathe in deep- -ly, as deep as we want life to be When it’s all done, and you’re done, too You say: well, to have helped somebody through The darkest shadow of the moon After all, looks good on you and here comes David, their proud son That little boy’s now on the run On his new lego autobahn Soon he might write your favorite song And might ask you to play along To his brandnew exclusive song Now to that song you do belong
Pictures 04:42
This year’s about to pass by And I’m at the table, all alone. Pretty beautiful things have been revealed Awards conferred Under the pourin‘ rays of heavenly sunshine There it stood Solid as stone, gracious as flowers Tranquil as peace To us it meant uniqueness As if orchestrated That moment of bliss But did we learn from it, no So much fighting over one picture missed The pictures that we save, we are - The pictures to be saved we are - The pictures that we save, we are You outta let me be me As well as I let you be The one you’re strivin‘ for Difference is not mean It holds some fertile seeds For us to put into soil There’s a lot of truth In the word contentment Subjectively shaped I wish you find contentment In the contents You create CHORUS


This is Kenneth Minor's 2nd EP in 2022.
Personal stories mostly dealing with serious topics such as transience, farewell and death.


released May 13, 2022

Produced at Hersbrooklyn Recordings Studios, Hersbruck by drummer Florian Helleken, mixed by Hannes Plattmeier at Ashfield Street Studios, London. Mastered by Hans Wagner, SolidArt Mastering, Vienna.

Band: Bird Christiani (vocals, electric guitars), Andreas Lüttke (bass), Florian Helleken (drums & percussion, keys).

Artwork: Joyce Abrahams

Record company: Unique Records.
Distributor: The Orchard
Publisher: Melodie der Welt GmbH & Co KG / Ed. Am Ende des Tages.


all rights reserved



Kenneth Minor Wiesbaden, Germany

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